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Who Am I? C. Davis

Source: Strange Five

Exclusive Interview with Collete Davis.

What inspired you to get into racing? Any Role models?

I would have to say, my interest and love for manually working on cars and trucks from a young age is what sparked my interested in motor racing. From there, the first day I turned laps in a racing go-kart, I was hooked for life and haven’t looked back since.

I wouldn’t say I had any specific “role model” figures, but as cliche as it may sound, Danica Patrick was the first woman I ever saw race in person when I was 11 years old at Pikes Peak International Raceway… and that definitely inspired me. For me, as a young girl interested in a male dominated sport, it was great to see another female race in person. I try and inspire other young girls to get involved in motor racing through my work with Glass Hammer Racing ( as an instructor as well. It’s great to be the one who get’s other girls to say, “She can do it, why can’t I?”

What would you believe is the hardest thing about driving an indy car? I would have to say one of the hardest things is getting every ounce of speed out of your car. It’s not only about being physically fit, having shear speed, and raw talent behind the wheel that counts, it’s also your ability to communicate with your team and work together to win. But don’t get me wrong, those other three things are definitely still needed!

It takes a total sync of driver & engineer coming together to make a car as fast as it can possibly be on a given day… then it’s all up to the driver to focus and get the job done.

A girl that races must have a favorite car, I know for myself I love the Koenigsegg Agera R, How about yourself? Had a tour of McLaren factor this past week and completely fell in love with the new Mclaren P1!!!

Amanda Stretton sticks out, having competed in the 24 hr’s Le mans. Is there a race or event you would love to participate in? I would absolutely love to compete in the 24 Hrs Le Mans! It’s definitely on my list.

Thanks, for taking time out of your busy life and spending it with us. No problem!


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