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GRC Lites Season Preview: Collete Davis

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Vitals: Born: December 27, 1993 // Hometown: San Francisco, CA

2015 Team: #07 River Racing GRC Lites

2014 Results: Davis will be a newcomer to the GRC Lites grid when she rolls into the paddock in Fort Lauderdale. Thus far, her career has mostly centered around karting and open-wheel racing.

What’s New in 2015: Forget new for this year—this team didn’t even come together until the 48 hours prior to Media Day in April. Davis brought the River Racing and Rothenberg Ventures backing to Bryan Herta Rallysport on short notice to put the program together.

Strengths: It’s hard to go wrong when your team owner was a top open-wheel driver and Indianapolis 500-winning owner and your two teammates are top-tier Supercar drivers. That’s exactly the situation that Davis finds herself in, as owner Bryan Herta and Supercar teammates Patrik Sandell and Austin Dyne will all be available to steer her in the right direction on race weekends.

What To Watch For: As with any other newcomer to rallycross, the big question is how Davis will adapt to the dirt. Multiple sessions at Florida International Rally & Motorsports Park have helped her learn the basics, but now she’ll need to translate them into gaining and maintaining positions during race action.

Outlook: Herta has said that he looks at Davis as a future Supercar driver. That’s a definite confidence booster—it means that she’ll have time to adapt to a new form of racing and develop her skill set properly. A confident driver is a fast one, so expect good things from Davis.


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